Youth solon condemns plans for martial law extension to 2022

Kabataan Partylist vehemently condemns proposals from House Speaker Alvarez to extend martial law up to 2022.

“It is becoming more apparent that the ‘counter-terrorism’ bogey is merely a pretext for a nationwide all-out offensive against the people, that has long been floating around their heads.
Even the AFP’s head honchos have admitted that the real purpose of martial law is to target NPA rebels and other most wanted targets,” said Sarah Elago, Kabataan Partylist representative.

“Quite contrary to such a purpose, martial law in Mindanao has been wielded against the civil rights of Moro civilians in Marawi, Lumad communities in Surigao del Sur, and other unsuspecting civilians, on the mere accusation of being Maute members or NPA rebels. It has only resulted in hourly airstrikes, hordes of forced evacuations and harrassments and killings by trigger-happy state forces,” Elago added.

The youth solon further adds that interestingly, even business elites, political enemies, and imperialists are starting to show support for martial law.

“Apart from the increased intervention of the US-AFP, it seems that business and other players such as China are eyeing their investments in infrastracture and other projects in the war-torn area. Even the LP through vice-president Leni Robredo has expressed their support,” Elago explained.

“Their persistence to heighten martial rule is but a sign of the increasing instability of the system, and a desperate attempt at reconsolidating the state in the ruling class’ bid for control and super-profit,” Elago adds.

“What the government seems to not realize, however, is that martial law, on the other hand, will only amplify the resistance of the people and their cries for social change. Last time there was martial law for 20 years, the people’s movement was never silenced, but instead only grew by hundredfolds,” Elago said.

Elago called on the Duterte administration to immediately lift the ‘madness called martial law’ lest things get worse.

“This craziness called martial law must stop! Should the Duterte regime persist, expect the same or greater to happen. The all-out war against the Moros and the Filipino people will only strengthen their unity and their call for real change against the rotten system,” Elago concluded.

Kabataan Partylist is joining youth groups in preparing for protests against the state’s increasing all-out attacks on July 20 and on the President’s State of the Nation Address on July 24. ###