Saying that they have not protected consumers BAYAN MUNA CALLS FOR THE RESIGNATION OF ALL ERC COMMISSIONERS

Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate today said that it will serve well the scandal-wracked Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) if all its commissioners resign now considering the numerous anomalies and issues of graft and corruption being leveled at the commission.

“One of the most controversial among these deals is the midnight deal on seven (7) power supply agreements (PSA) of Meralco-affiliated power generation companies which would
largely benefit Meralco. The ERC issued the anomalous extension of the deadline requiring competitive bidding in the power supply agreements (PSA) of distribution utilities (DUs),” said the progressive solon.

“The extended deadline, as proposed by Commissioner Josefina Magpale-Asirit, allowed Meralco to enter into "sweetheart PSA deals" with its seven (7) sister and affiliated companies,” he added.

“Dahil dito hinayaang maging monopolyo at matali sa Meralco ang mga konsyumers for the next 20-25 years ng walang bidding. The extension effectively rendered the competitive selection process (CSP) useless and inutile,” said the Davao-based solon.

Meanwhile, ERC Chair Jose Vicente Salazar is also facing charges of corruption that supposedly drove then ERC Dir. Jun Villa to commit suicide last November.

“As it is, they have failed to safeguard of the welfare of electricity consumers and power rate hikes are not being stopped by the ERC. While Congress is now investigating the anomalies in the ERC and bills to replace the onerous Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) the ERC should be manned by people with integrity and competence to protect consumers,” ended Rep. Zarate.###