Bayan Muna representative Carlos Isagani Zarate joined in the rainy protest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Monday, in time with the celebration of the 100 birth anniversary of the former dictator.

"This protest is proof that the efforts to rewrite history and rehabilitate the Marcoses will not go unopposed. The obscene greed for power and wealth and servility and puppetry to imperialist dictates of Ferdinand Marcos will not be forgotten. He is a ruthless dictator, a plunderer, and a human rights violator. He deserves no honorary burial, or a holiday named after his honor," Rep. Zarate said.

"President Duterte has gone the mile in attempting to erase the dark past of the Philippines under the Marcos dictatorship. Pres. Duterte did not stop at allowing a hero's burial for the former dictator for so-called "healing," he had also named September 11 in his honor, and even proposing immunity for the Marcoses just so they can supposedly return a fraction of their ill-gotten wealth,"

"Pres. Duterte's open emulation of the dictator Marcos should be condemned. The rising fascism from his war on drugs that has claimed 13,000 lives, monstrous as it is, is but a facet of this fascist tendencies. His military-charged cabinet and militarized bureaucracy has got the reins on the people's money and government machinery. The all-out war raging in the countryside is causing extrajudicial killings, forced evacuations, and other human rights violations," Rep. Zarate further said.

"Any revisionist rehabilitation and deodorization of the Marcoses must be vehemently opposed, the victims of the Marcos Martial law will never forget. Marcos is no hero, he would go down in history as an insatiable thief and an unrepentant human rights violator," Rep. Zarate ended.###