Casiño slams Aquino’s rejection of P125 wage increase, says it is classic Noynoying

Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino hit Pres. Aquino's rejection of the proposed P125 legislated wage hike as grossly insensitive to workers plight and out rightly contravenes the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) theme of “inclusive growth through good governance”.

“Pres. Aquino's rejection of labor's demand for a P125 wage hike is classic Noynoying - mali-mali at hindi masusing pinag-aralan. His computation is too simplistic even as it is flawed - he used the entire labor force of 40M as base figure for saying the increase would cost P1.4T when the reality is that only 20M wage and salary workers will be covered. Worse, he considers the wage hike as a dole out when in fact this is a just share of the wealth already produced by the workers themselves. He sees it as an economic loss when in fact it is a gain for the workers whose purchasing power will rise. This will help the economy as a whole since the workers will spend it to buy more goods and services for the local market. Imagine what additional workers' spending can do for the economy!” Casiño stressed.

Casiño dared Pres. Aquino to put his money where his mouth is. “Inclusive growth will materialize if the government substantially increases the starvation wages most of the workers received. “Without substantial wage hike, growth and it benefits will be exclusive to capiltalists, especially foreign multinational and the billionaires like Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and Jaime Zoble de Ayala.

“President Aquino betrays his patently anti-worker bias and distorted economic view by rejecting the P125 wage hike, citing it will cost P1.4T for the economy,” said Casino.

Casino asserted that P125 daily wage hike is what the working people and the economy needs and is long overdue, the bill pending 11 years. “What's wrong in giving P1.4T worth of additional wages to workers when they deserve it, having received so little yet being productive all these years,” he added.

“Ang P125 dagdag sahod ay hindi dole out kundi bunga ng pagtatrabaho ng mga manggagawa sa ating bansa. Iyan ay halagang nalikha nila sa proseso ng produksyon. Our workers are not begging for alms but demanding the just fruits of their labours. Clearly, Aquino doesn't know how it is to work so hard and yet receive starvation wages,” Casiño emphasized.

Casiño averred that “in the hands of the capitalists who have more than enough, the P1.4 trillion amount will most likely land in dollar accounts and be spent for luxury, holiday trips or speculative investments abroad.”

“In the hands of the workers and employees, the P1.4 trillion will be spent to buy basic goods and services such as food, water, electricity, clothings and medicines and spur local demands and production to meet these needs,” he said.

The 45th annual meeting of the board of governors of the ADB being held here has chosen the Philippine theme of “Inclusive Growth through Good Governance,” providing a platform for the discussion of one of the most pressing issues for the region—how to bring the benefits of Asia’s rapid growth to all levels of society.

“But how can inclusive growth happen when all they talk about is loan, investment and profits and not the betterment of the working people. These are the very people whose labor produce surplus values that capitalists amass as profits, the irony here is that these values should go to workers themselves,” ended the progressive solon. #