Casiño to Corona: “Do not hide behind technicalities!”

Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño, a signatory of the impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona chided the Chief Magistrate for hiding behind technicalities and the issue of collegiality.

“He aims to mislead the Senate into a protracted and useless exercise of trying to prove that 188 congressmen actually read the complaint and were not simply dictated upon by the Liberal party into signing the impeachment complaint.,” said the progressive solon.

“The fact that the complainants verified their complaint already binds them to the contents thereof, so it would be foolish for the Senate to have to repeat a process already complied with by the Lower House. This will only serve to delay the proceedings and obfuscate the issues. The Impeachment Court would be better off tackling the substance of the complaint rather than waste its time on these technical non-issues,” he added.

“Also Corona should stop hiding behind the cloak of collegiality because it is a very weak defense. The decisions and actions of the Supreme Court like that of Congress is based on collegiality but the issue here is the individual votes of all its members. Like the justices we congressmen are made to account for our individual stands on issues that are laid before us to act upon. It is our contention that Corona indeed voted with bias and partiality to the Arroyos when cases involving them are being heard in the Supreme Court,” ended Casiño. # # #