ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio on SWS survey showing majority support for martial law in Mindanao:

It's not surprising, given the long-standing stereotype of Mindanao in many people's minds as a land wracked by violence. Add to this the deliberate exaggeration of the threat posed by the ASG and Maute groups and playing up of the alleged links to ISIS.

The survey also revealed that support for the President's declaration is mixed, with 40% believing that martial law should have been more limited in scope and not covered the entire island.

Furthermore, the survey also shows that the same storyline will not work for Luzon and Visayas, with an overwhelming majority opposed to the declaration of martial law in those areas.

These results show that the support for martial law in Mindanao is not solid and unanimous, and that there's widespread opposition to the extension of martial law to the whole country. Malacañang and Congress would do well to reconsider any plans of extending martial law. ###